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Reyeleigh's Candles offers many frangrances for our spa line as well as our candles.  We are getting more in every month.  If we do not have the scent you want please let me know & we will get it.

*Please note that any of these scents can be made into massage oils, and/or bath salts at your behest.
  1. Orange*
    Orange (Citrus sinensis)† peel oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil Use For: Cellular Support Uplifting Emotional Balance
  2. Lavender*
    Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil Use For: Skin Irritations Balance Relaxation
  3. Lemongrass*
    Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil † 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus) Use For: Pain/Muscul Cramps Depression Acne

Candle Scents

Spiced Apple


Monkey Fruit

Fresh baked apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.

Suggested Colors:
Green; Red; or Burgundy

Leathery bouquet that smells like the inside of a leather shop.

Suggested Colors:
Vanilla base notes support mid notes of kiwi, strawberries and bubble gum, with top notes of juicy grapefruit and fresh bananas, of course.
Suggested Colors:
Yellow; or Tan