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Our Prices are inexpensive so everyone can enjoy relaxation and serenity anytime without emptying your pocketbook.
While these prices are for the individual finished products, I do make deals like Buy 2 get 1 free.

Every Order Comes with a Bonus Item.
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4oz Candles
Bath Bombs And/Or Salts
4oz Candle- your choice of scent

3 for $10
Bath Bombs
 your choice of scent

1 for $5.00
2 for $8.00
Massage Oils
Gift Baskets
Massage oil with pump
Your choice of Scent

1 for $8.00
2 For $12.00
Comes with 3 candles
5 Bath Bombs
1 container of Massage oil
Your choice of Scents
And Tailored to that Special Someone